Miscellaneous Helpful Algs

Below, I have a list of algorithms to solve certain cases in L8E to make the rest of it easier. For clarity, I will note what the algorithm is meant to solve above the cube image in the format X:Y:Z where X is the edges being moved, Y is the edge locations being moved to respectively, and Z is any edges that are unaffected by the algorithm. The locations for X refer to the color on the edge that is either the U or D color (white or yellow for these images). Keep in mind that pre- or post-AUFs may be added to preserve the corner AUF. Also keep in mind that doing setup moves using the U/D faces can be used to set up one of these cases.


(U) R2 U M' U' R2 U' M


M' U R2 U M U' R2 (U')