PCMS Pairs Step

Below, I have a list of some difficult, confusing, or otherwise questionable cases for the Pairs step with their respecive solving algorithms. For consistency and clarity, the pair being solved in these cases is always the blue/red edge and blue/red/white corner. Above the cube image, the locations of the pieces being solved refer to the blue sticker of the edge and the white sticker of the corner respectively. Ignore all center pieces, yellow pieces, and white edge pieces.

BRW slot in front-right, all other slots solved

Edge at LDCorner at UFL

F D' R2 D R2 D F'

Edge at BDCorner at UFL

M U' L U F2 U' Lw'

BRW slot in front-right, front-left and back-right slots solved

Edge at LFCorner at FDR

R' D' R D F D' F'

BRW slot in back-right, back-left and front-right slots solved

Edge at DFCorner at RBU

R2 F' R2

BRW slot in back-right, all other slots solved

Edge at LDCorner at UFR

R' F2 R U2 B2 L B2