Memory Sports

Memory sports are activities that involve memorizing and then recalling different forms of information. These often take place in competitions, where different events are held with specific guidelines being put forth.

The World Memory Championships, held anually, features ten specified tests, as follows (copied from Wikipedia):

  1. One Hours Numbers
  2. 5 Minute Numbers
  3. Spoken Numbers, read out one per second
  4. 30 Minutes Binary Digits
  5. One Hour Playing Cards
  6. Random Lists of Words
  7. Names and Faces (15 minutes)
  8. 5 Minute Historic/Future Dates (fictional events and historic years)
  9. Abstract Images (black and white randomly generated spots)
  10. Speed Cards: Memorize the order of one shuffled deck of 52 playing cards as fast as possible. This is always the last discipline.